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The four phases of the B-management process

For each assignment, B-management sets up a project structure with the key stakeholders: the client, the interim manager / project leader, and the B-management advisor. Together, they bear full responsibility to reach the assignment’s objectives defined by B-management in agreement with the client.

Our clients face complex situations when introducing change. This challenge requires a highly demanding and rigorous approach. For that reason, we have introduced processes that ensure the success of all our client’s assignments and guarantee the highest quality of service.

Stage 1 : Definition of the assignment

  • Identify the difficulties requiring the intervention of an interim executive
  • Make sure that the interim management solution is viable
  • Help the client define the objectives of the change management assignment
  • Draw up a detailed profile description of the required executive

Stage 2 : Select the appropriate executive for the assignment

  • Select the interim executive according to strict criteria, in terms of expertise, references, personality, environment and culture
  • Check the references of the interim executive
  • Validate with the client the choice of the interim executive who will be responsible for project management

Stage 3 : Implementation and monitoring of the interim management assignment

  • Once the transition manager has been selected, review the detailed plan of the assignment, both with the transition manager and the client, to ensure that the assignment is fully understood
  • Supervise and coach the transition manager to ensure that the assignment is properly managed
  • Remain involved in the project throughout the change management assignment and make sure targets are met

Stage 4 : Manage the end of the assignment and the transition

  • Help the company end the change management phase and prepare for the arrival of the new, more permanent executive
  • Manage all downstream logistics involved in the departure of the interim executive, which may include help in finding a new executive, whether this is conducted in-house or not.