“ There are times when the requisite talent,
experience or specific expertise is simply not
available internally, to fill a General Management
or Executive Commitee level function. ”


Interim management and transition management

B-management, a leader in the provision of management resources to companies

Initially set up in 2004 as a niche player in interim management at executive level, B-management has since become a leader in Belgium in temporary and transition management, through both external and internal growth.

Today, through its three services lines, B-management helps companies managing critical phases of their life cycle, efficiently and responsibly. Examples of key projects include acquiring business in a foreign country, merging two entities, improving operations, accelerating change, closing a production site, unexpectedly replacing a top manager with a key function in the organization, managing human or economic crises.

B-management clients are companies and organizations active not only in the private sector (industry or services), but also in the public and non-profit sectors.

For each assignment, B-management sets up a project team with three key stakeholders: the client representative, the interim manager / project leader, and the B-management counselor. This team is collectively responsible to reach the assignment’s objectives defined by B-management in agreement with the client.

B-management has gained its market leadership through:

  • the quality of its candidates and its selection and matching process,
  • the provision of strategic and operational advices throughout every assignment,
  • the speed of action,
  • a thorough follow-up of the project, the company and the managers throughout the assignment,
  • a full independence

The company develops sector- and function-based competences within dedicated «practice groups», gathering B-management consultants, industry experts and interim managers.



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